Think You Know These Obscure British Laws?


If you've ever stepped inside a big park in the UK (Hyde Park, for example), you have probably encountered a swan. At which point someone around you will readily serve up the following fact: All swans are the property of the Queen, and killing one is an act of treason. Obscure? Yes. The Law Commission, the body responsible for pruning the statute book, will tell you that there indeed was a law regarding Queen's mute swan, which does state that killing it is unlawful, but certainly isn't (and never has been) an act of treason. There are a number of laws that are still technically in effect today that are, quite frankly, ridiculous. See if you can guess which.


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Did you know?

Who was King Henry VIII?

King Henry VIII (1491-1547) was the second ruler of the House of Tudor. He reigned for 38 years after succeeding his father Henry VII. Today he is most well known for having six wives and the fact he ordered to execute several of them - mostly because he got cross with them for not giving him a son. Particularly famous is his marriage to Anne Boleyn who gave the world England’s perhaps most famous monarch Queen Elizabeth I during whose era England flourished in many ways.

The other reason for remaining memorable was his decision to suppress the Roman Catholic Church and to establish the Church of England as the official religion of the nation. This was because the Pope would not grant him a divorce. Under Act of Supremacy (1534), he deemed himself as the Head of the Church of England, calling the Pope the “Bishop of Rome” and excluding the English church from his influence.

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