Think You Know these 00s TV Shows? Gen Z does!


Every generation has shows that define them and their time as children, but most simply don’t cross those generational boundaries. Sure, maybe a few manage to appeal to all ages, but not many people from Gen Z will care about SuperFriends. On the other hand, whenever a young adult mentions Blorbo from their shows, most older folks are simply going to stare in confusion. With some of Gen Z entering their early 20s, many people are starting to feel as if they simply have nothing in common with these zoomers. However, some people have managed to stay up-to-date on media and avoided the slow fade into irrelevance. If you think you’re truly not out of touch, simply try and name all of these shows from the 2000s. After all, a true zoomer would have no difficulty getting them all.

Did you know?

The boundaries between generations aren’t clear

While many people can easily identify as a Boomer or Millennial, there aren’t obvious definitions of what those terms mean. For example, Gen Z may start as early as 1996 or as late as 2001, depending on which research group you ask. Because of this, many people born near the edges of their generation often feel as if they don’t belong to either group. Some choose to adopt names representing this bridge, like Zillennials and Generation Jones.

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