Think You Can Be a NASCAR Cup Series Champion?

Do you love watching NASCAR? Does nothing get your blood going like seeing that green flag drop and hearing the motors rev? Do you know more about the history of NASCAR than about the history of the country? Care to put your knowledge to the test? Are you enough of a NASCAR superfan that you'll gain pole position on our leaderboards? Take our quiz and find out!

Did you know?

NASCAR has its roots in smuggling

NASCAR has its roots in the days of prohibition and the profession of smuggling. With alcohol made illegal by the Eighteenth Amendment, bootleggers needed to distribute their booze without getting caught, so they used fast vehicles they had modified to be more powerful with greater cargo capacity to smuggle their contraband. Even after prohibition was repealed, bootleggers continued smuggling to avoid having their products taxed. So they put more and more effort into modifying their cars for speed and handling. These racing pioneers came to be very proud of their cars and eventually started racing each other for bragging rights. These races attracted audiences, which became fans, and ultimately, they became more profitable than running moonshine. Eventually, these races started to get organized and standardized, and thus NASCAR was born.

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