The Ultimate Spongebob Squarepants Quiz


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? You know the rest! Nickelodeon's legendary underwater cartoon is familiar to anyone who had a TV in the last 20 years, but how much do you actually remember? Sure, you might recall when Spongebob saved a jellyfish from Mr. Krabs or when he tried to give Gary a bath. But do you remember the name of the third fish from the twenty-second episode of the third season? Nah, neither do we. Do you know how many times Spongebob failed his driving test? That's a question in the test, so we probably shouldn't tell you. On this test is a lot of obscure trivia that'll make you want to dig out the old episodes and dive back into Bikini Bottom! Put your saltiest knowledge to the test and find out how schooled you are in all things Spongebob.

Did you know?

Sponges Are Real and Very Strange

Spongebob is based on the real-world sea sponge. Unlike Spongebob, they don't have eyes, mouths, digestive systems, brains or, well, anything that you'd normally find in a living animal. They are, however, one of the earliest organisms on the planet to branch off from the common ancestor most life on Earth share. That makes sponges, and therefore Spongebob, your cousin! Their dried out skeleton is very useful for humans and can be used for padding, water filters or, as you probably have realized, sponges. Though real sponges aren't perfect squares like Spongebob and actually look more like shapeless blobs.

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