The Ultimate Arrow Quiz


Arrow is one of the most popular superhero TV series ever. Lasting eight seasons and spawning several spin-offs, the show was known for its intense character development and high production values. Presenting a fresh new take on a classic DC Comics hero, the show has garnered a lot of praise from critics and fans alike. Starting as a gritty, realistic take on superhero tales, the original idea was to avoid superpowers and comic book weirdness. However, by the final season, Arrow had grown to encompass multiple universes with multiple Supermen, metahumans, and even magic. With 170 episodes, there were a lot of different characters, plot lines, and revelations. Think you know them all? Can you pass this, the ultimate Arrow quiz, with a bullseye? Or will you shoot wide of the mark? Test your knowledge of Oliver Queen, his friends and family, and the dark yet awesome world they inhabit!

Did you know?

Arrow Has Musical Roots

A lot of the cast of Arrow come from a musical background. Many of them have either worked on Broadway, been involved in pop music, or previously had a role on the musical TV show Glee. John Barrowman, Colin Donnell, and Katie Cassidy are particularly famous and gifted examples. The musical backgrounds of so much of the Arrow cast make it particularly odd that "The Duet," from The Flash, is the only musical episode in the entire Arrowverse. Barrowman did at least do a guest appearance on that episode, though. Admittedly, it would be hard to picture Oliver Queen singing.

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