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How I Met Your Mother is one of the greatest comedies to ever air on television. For ten years, we all anxiously watched to see who Ted Mosby would end up marrying. Along the way, we got to watch Barney’s hilarious antics and wonder how he could make so much money, and literally never seem to do a thing except get into trouble. We also got to follow Lily and Marshall, who, despite being more subdued characters, always seemed to have their own troubled situations brewing. A modern-day version of Friends, How I Met Your Mother will go down in history as one of the best comedy shows of the millennium, along with the advice to skip the finale. Admittedly, the finale and its shocking twist felt forced, but the heart of the show will never change. Do you think you are the ultimate How I Met Your Mother fan? Prove it by suiting up and taking this quiz.

Did you know?

Scott Foley was originally offered the role of Ted Mosby

Today Josh Radnor is synonymous with Ted Mosby; in fact, for an entire generation of viewers, Josh will never be anything more than Ted. However, he almost didn't get the iconic role. Before he was awarded the part, Josh had only appeared on a few TV shows, and the producers originally wanted a more seasoned actor to play the role of Ted. They had their eyes on Scott Foley and invited him to come audition for the role. Foley was offered the part of Ted but turned it down to follow other projects. This led to the producers offering the role to Josh Radnor and his big break into stardom. Now it's hard to imagine anyone else playing Ted, but there is a little bit of us that wonders if the show would have been a more romantic had Scott taken the gig.

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