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Everyone knows the president lives in the White House in the United States capital, Washington D.C. But the 50 state capitals aren't common knowledge, especially if you're not a 4th grader who's recently memorized them or a die-hard 'Murica stan whose blood is red, white, blue, and possibly bedazzled with stars and stripes. Sure, you might be aware of the capital in your state of residence, but how well can you rattle off the administrative centers of your neighboring states, let alone those on the opposite sides of the nation? America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, but are you courageous enough to take on our whopper state capital quiz? We guarantee a brush-up of your general knowledge, some fun clues along the way, and inspo for your road trip detours. Strap in, folks—we're about to make some quick stops all over the country!

Did you know?

Which capitol buildings are the most impressive?

State capitals are significant places. As the seat of local government, they wield power, and capital buildings often reflect this status in their elegant aesthetics. Here are just three remarkable state capitol buildings for your in-person or online perusal.

1. Wisconsin's state capitol building was completed in 1917. Above the unique granite dome lies a three-ton statue created by Daniel Chester French, the sculptor who gave us the Lincoln statue at the Lincoln Memorial in D.C. 2. Iowa's completed its state capitol building in 1886. It has five domes, and a 23-carat gold leaf adorns the 275-foot middle dome. The stunning interiors are decked out in 29 types of marble and French crystal chandeliers. 3. President Teddy Roosevelt called the Pennsylvania state capitol building the 'handsomest building' he ever saw. Lofty praise, indeed. Come for the American Renaissance exterior and stay for the gorgeous stained glass.

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