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Do you fantasize about entering competitive trivia competitions because you're great at remembering random facts (but, tragically, not your new passwords)? Or perhaps you're a new resident of the United States, and you want to test your knowledge of America's pop culture, sports, history, politics, and geography. After all, this is the land of NASA, Six Flags amusement parks, Silicon Valley, and much, much more. Wherever your interests lie and whatever your general knowledge level, you've come to the right place. We've compiled a quiz that starts with some nice and easy questions before heading into headscratcher territory. Along the way, you'll confirm how much of a trivia badass you are or learn cool facts that might come in handy during future work projects or random conversations. It's time to bust out of Boredom Central, so stretch those limbs out and put your thinking cap on. This quiz begins now.

History lesson

A Quick Dive into the Spanish-American War

The Spanish-American War, a pivotal conflict at the turn of the 20th century, marked a significant turning point in both American and Spanish histories. It all kicked off in the aftermath of the mysterious explosion of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor, Cuba. This event was the final straw that led to U.S. intervention in the Cuban struggle for independence from Spain. The war, spanning from April to August 1898, was brief but intense, with battles fought not just in the Caribbean but as far away as the Philippine Sea.

America's involvement in the war was fueled by a mix of genuine concern for Cuban independence and the sensationalist "yellow journalism" of the time, which stirred public opinion. President William McKinley, initially reluctant, was pushed into the conflict by a combination of political pressure and public outcry. The war saw the U.S. Navy flex its muscles, proving decisive in battles that led to the surrender of Spanish forces in both Santiago de Cuba and Manila. It wasn't just a war; it was a statement that the U.S. had arrived on the world stage.

The war's end came with the Treaty of Paris, tipping the scales of power significantly. Spain relinquished its sovereignty over Cuba and ceded territories, including Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines, to the United States. This not only marked the end of the Spanish Empire in America and Asia but also heralded the dawn of the United States as a global power. The implications were vast, setting the stage for a century where the U.S. would play a central role in international affairs.

Did you know?

The United States and the Olympics

America's participation in the Olympics goes all the way back to the first modern iteration of the games in Athens in 1896. At the time, only 14 nations participated, and 241 male athletes competed. Since then, the United States has sent a team to every Olympic Games except for the 1980 Moscow Olympics during the Cold War. The U.S. has won more medals than any other country in Olympics history, and it has played host more times than any other nation, too. During its nine host years, the following cities welcomed athletes from across the globe for either the Summer Games or the Winter Games: St. Louis, Missouri; Lake Placid, New York; Los Angeles, California; Squaw Valley, California; Atlanta, Georgia; and Salt Lake City, Utah. Numerous major cities, including Cleveland, Detroit, and Chicago, have had unsuccessful bids. Russia is America's greatest rival, and swimmer Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympic athlete ever, a real GOAT.

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