Discover Your Feminine Archetype

This in-depth quiz will reveal which of the seven feminine archetypes characterizes your personality. Answer these questions accurately, and we'll uncover the inner goddess that drives your decision-making process. The results will help you understand your depths by identifying your dominant archetype, but it's important to remember that you have the potential to nurture the others that exist within you. Throughout your life, as you grow and change, so will your primary archetype. At 20, you might be a maiden, but at 60, you might be the mother. These divine archetypes embody a range of feminine qualities, both good and bad. Archetypes give a framework to help women understand themselves better while guiding us in the right direction. You might mull over each archetype's core characteristics, trying to figure out which one speaks to your soul. Instead of deciding which one you are, take our quiz and let the spirits determine for you. Let's get going!

History lesson

What are the seven feminine archetypes?

The Lover Archetype

  • Represents a woman's most primal urge to connect and create.
  • Embodies erotic energy and capacity for psychic and physical creation.
  • When active, it compels a woman to fulfill both procreative and creative instincts.
  • Strengths: Naturally magnetic, incites arousal and passion in others, creative, independent, pleasure-oriented.
  • Challenges: Vanity, lack of focus, fragile self-esteem.

The Maiden Archetype

  • Represents an effervescent, eternally youthful quality.
  • Can predispose a woman to be both compliant and passive.
  • Strengths: Empathy, creativity, receptiveness.
  • Challenges: Emotional Co-Dependency, diffidence, and lack of autonomy may be drawn to dangerous relationships.

The Mother Archetype

  • Represents a woman's maternal instinct, the desire to create life, and to provide physical, mental, and spiritual sustenance.
  • Strengths: Nurturing, persistent, compassionate, grounded.
  • Challenges: Self-neglect, stubbornness, difficulty letting go of caretaking role, lack of boundaries.

The Queen Archetype

  • Represents loyalty, female sovereignty, and matrimonial devotion.
  • Strengths: Loyalty, leadership.
  • Challenges: Jealousy and vindictiveness.

The Huntress Archetype

  • Represents the independent female spirit.
  • Embodies a woman's autonomy and ability to pursue a life of her own choosing.
  • Strengths: Self-reliance, courage, and goal-orientedness often sympathizes with women’s causes.
  • Challenges: Can be aloof, emotionally unavailable, and potentially cruel.

The Sage Archetype

  • Represents a woman's pursuit of worldly knowledge, strategy, and objectivity.
  • Strengths: Emotional objectivity, worldliness, intelligence, natural strategist.
  • Challenges: Frigidity, emotional unavailability, aloofness, closed off from sensuality and creative energy.

The Mystic Archetype

  • Represents a deeply introverted woman, focused on her inner-spiritual world and most concerned with maintaining zen-like inner peace.
  • Strengths: Confidence, deep concentration, creativity, prioritizes inner-peace, captivating soulful quality.
  • Challenges: Deep introversion, social isolation, emotional frigidity.

Did you know?

What are archetypes?

The seven feminine archetypes shift and change throughout your time on earth, where one becomes more dominant as you mature. You may also call on specific archetypes during various circumstances in your life. Sometimes a time in your life calls for the leadership of the queen, while other times, you need to be the maiden who cultivates growth.

So, where did the concept of archetypes come from? It was psychologist Carl Jung who came up with the idea. He noticed patterns of behavior, style, and even appearance across individuals that were similar on a more unconscious level. It's almost like a prototype that becomes a stereotype or symbol over time.

The seven feminine archetypes showcase how feminine energy is expressed. Carl Jung's four main archetypes are broken down into the shadow, personality, animus (masculine side), and the self. The feminine archetypes go into detail about the positive and negative aspects of each type and the challenges you may face.

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