Tetrachromat Test - Do You Have Super Color Vision?


Do you think you have superhuman vision? For some of us, the ability to see more colors than other people is a real thing. Called tetrachromacy, those with this ability have an extra cone in the back of their eyes, allowing them to experience color more intensely. If you've always wondered if your great sense of color and how you notice things make you a tetrachromat, you've come to the right place. Once you answer our questions about the colors you love and the ones you hate, the foods and animals you find most attractive, and how you would describe something using only hues, we'll be able to tell you whether or not you possess this unique ability. Study these images and answer with the first thing that comes to mind. Then, we'll let you know where you stand on the tetrachromat scale. Will you score as high as you think you will? Take this quiz to find out!

History lesson

Meet the color queeen

Concetta Antico, also known as "The Color Queen," is an Australian-American fine artist, art instructor, and a Tetrachromat. Born and raised in Australia, her passion for art has been a part of her life since her earliest memories. As a Tetrachromat, a genetic condition that gives her a fourth receptor in her eyes, Concetta perceives 100 million more colors than the average person. This unique ability has been scientifically endorsed by researchers at UC Irvine, California.

Concetta's artwork is renowned for its vibrant color usage and impressionistic scenes, a direct result of her unique visual processing of the world. Her goal is to portray reality in a way that is unlike anything viewers have experienced before. Her prolific body of work has been exhibited across the United States and Australia and is part of several private and public collections, including the Women’s Museum of California, The Dr. Wendy Martin Museum Collection, Rady Children’s Hospital, and collections of notable individuals like Robert and Allison Price, Brian Strauss, and Kevin Harrington.

Her work and her unique ability have caught the attention of major media outlets, with features in The Cut, Vogue, The Guardian, BBC, and The Wall Street Journal. Currently, Concetta divides her time between Sydney, Australia, and San Diego, California, where she continues to create and inspire with her art. Her life and work serve as a testament to the extraordinary potential of human perception and the transformative power of art.

Did you know?

Only women have Tetrachromat

In the back of the human eye, color receptors are shaped like cones. While most people only have three cones that recognize colors, those with tetrachromacy have four of these cones. The average human can see a fair number of colors, but for those lucky few with superhuman vision, it's easy to see over 10 million. Affecting up to 25% of women, it's unknown why the extra cone doesn't develop in males. On the other hand, those who experience color blindness tend to be male.

Interestingly enough, tetrachromats are naturally adverse to certain colors because they are too intense. Research shows that yellow is their least favorite color — they find it loud and abrasive. Technically called antico, the fourth cone receptor heightens the perception of color and often alters how tetrachromats prefer to decorate. While they love color, they also know when too much is too much.

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