Tell Us Your Favorite Christmas Movies and We'll Give You Your Dream Toy

Christmas time is filled with traditions, and for many, those traditions include gathering together to re-watch those holiday film classics. So grab your eggnog and pick your favorite Christmas movies below. We'll tell you what dream Christmas toy you should expect to unwrap Christmas morning.

Did you know?

Iceland may win the prize for having some of strangest and scariest Christmas creatures.

Part of Yuletide tradition in Iceland is getting visited by the 13 Yule Lads, or Jolasveinar, who descend one by one from mountains and cause mischief on the nights leading up to the holiday. Well behaved children get toys from the Yule Lads in their shoes, while bad children get a rotten potato. As if getting a rotting potato wasn't bad enough, originally the Yule Lads, whose names include "Spoon Licker," "Door Peeper," and "Sausage Sweeper," were troublemakers who also caused chaos around the house they visited. The Yule Lads are the offspring of an evil ogress who collects misbehaved children in a large sack to take back to her cave to boil and eat. As if all this is not traumatizing enough, there is also a big, scary Christmas Cat, or Jolakotturinn, who devours anyone who does not receive new clothing for Christmas. So in Iceland, unwrapping those socks from your grandmother would be something to be excited about. At least you could sleep easy knowing you were not going to fall victim to a hungry demon cat. Maybe this is how they tricked children into being grateful for all gifts-even lame socks?

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