Tea Party Time! Test Your 13 Colonies Knowledge!


European powers were in an age of exploration and expansion, and the nations were eager to colonize the rest of the world. Europe made its way to North America. Around the same time, Spain settled in Florida. The French were also laying claim to what we now know as Canada. Shortly after, other nations began to settle in what became the thirteen British colonies of America.

Britain controlled the American colonies until the colonists defeated the British in the American Revolution. In the time leading up the revolution, American leaders began to help shape the philosophies and ideas that shaped the foundation of the country.

So how much do you think you know about colonial America? We have a test for you! We’re going to quiz you on your knowledge of colonial America leading up to the Revolutionary War.

You’ll be asked questions about early European settlers and American patriots, in addition to other bits of colonial history. Think you’re up to the challenge? Let’s see how you do!


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Did you know?

During the American Revolutionary War, the British forces fought against American colonials.

In 1776, the British captured New York City and chose to split their forces, leading to defeat in Saratoga in 1777.

The war continued and the British took control of Philadelphia. Washington’s troops were not defeated, and France joined the Americans as official allies. Meanwhile, in the southern theater, American forces made progress as well. With the involvement of France, the war extended beyond the American colonies, and there were many interested parties in Europe, including Spain and the Netherlands.

The British surrendered at Yorktown, and the 1783 Treaty of Paris was signed. The treaty was Britain’s official recognition of the United States as a sovereign nation. The war was officially over September 3, 1783, and the last of the British troops left from New York City November 25 of that same year, which was the end of British rule in the United States.

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