Some Words You Think You Can Spell, But Can You?

So you did pretty well at a spelling bee in the fourth grade, and that success turned you into a hardcore reader of young adult novels, and somewhere in between Christopher Pike and the Twilight series, you decided you know all the words, eh? English is a tricky language, you little wordsmith. Let's test your mettle against some words that seem familiar, but are quite easy to fudge up.

Did you know?

The English language is quirky

English is a melting pot of many languages. Because of this, there are many quirky aspects to the language we use every day. For example, did you know that the reason for the silent B in plumber is that it came from the Latin word plumbum, meaning lead piping used in plumbing jobs? Also, while there are words that end in most letters of the alphabet, there is not one full word that ends with J, U, or V. Words such as flu are shortened versions of larger words like influenza, not words in themselves. Another quirky thing about English is even though we were all taught the rule 'I before E except after C' in school, there are numerous words that don't follow it, like sovereign, neither, protein, height, and kaleidoscope. Homonyms often trick people up, too. You and ewe are homonyms because they are pronounced exactly the same way, but have no similarities whatsoever, with ewe referring to a female sheep, and you referring to, well, you.

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