Smash or Pass? Rate Celebs You Like and We'll Guess Your Age


People have always admired performers. They're so entertaining, after all. We all have our favorite actors and musicians. Maybe it's their voice. Perhaps it's their looks. Maybe it's the roles they play. Some of us prefer the classic Hollywood star whose misfortunes, altercations, and embarrassing incidents were chronicled in tabloid newspapers. Others are drawn to more contemporary artists who put their entire lives on social media, warts and all. Some of us prefer celebs who can command a room with their classy demeanor. Others of us are attracted to famous people because they're experts at getting those clicks. Your age may determine your answer. Let us know which celebrities you'd smash or pass, and we bet we can guess your age. It's lights, camera, question time

Did you know?

What's the history behind the iconic Hollywood sign?

It may be the most famous string of oversized letters on the planet. We're talking about the Hollywood sign perched on Mount Lee in Hollywood, California. It's a symbol of Southern California's entertainment industry, but the story behind it would make a fascinating movie in its own right. When the sign was first erected in 1923, the letters spelled out 'HOLLYWOODLAND.' The signage was meant to promote a new housing development. Just in case anybody might miss it, 40,000 light bulbs were attached. Although it was initially only supposed to stay there for a year and a half, it was so popular that 'HOLLYWOODLAND' stayed up for more than 25 years. In the 1940s, the letters needed to be refurbished, and it was decided only 'HOLLYWOOD' would remain. By the 1970s, those letters had also fallen into disrepair. In 1978 a public campaign was sparked to fix the sign. A number of celebrities donated money to the cause, including Gene Autry, Alice Cooper, and Hugh Hefner. Today there is a barrier around the sign to prevent trespassers. A motion-detection system also alerts the police if the barrier is breached.

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