Seaside vs Poolside: Which is Your Vacation Vibe?


Who doesn't need a relaxing vacation every now and then? Let's pretend you're in the first stages of planning, and you've decided if you want to relax or go out and socialize. You have an idea of when you can go. You know if you want to go solo or bring someone else along. Now comes the hard part of deciding where to book. Maybe you've got it narrowed down to "somewhere by the water." Does that mean a trip to a sandy beach or a nice hotel with a big pool? The beach might have beautiful views and plenty of open space, but the pool is professionally maintained and keeps you close to other amenities. You could book a spa resort or lounge in the sun all day. Which one will be better for you? Answer a few questions about the things you like to find out which vibe suits you. Soon you'll be booking your waterside trip with confidence.

Did you know?

Blue flag beaches are the best

The non-profit Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) out of Copenhagen, Denmark, runs the Blue Flag program where beaches, marinas, and private boat owners can apply to be Blue Flag certified. There are strict criteria that focus on protecting the environment and providing a safe place for people to visit. Requirements include public access for all people, offering at least five environmental education classes, meeting water quality standards, having plenty of trash and recycling bins, and having first-aid supplies readily available. The FEE lists all the certified beaches online, and those beaches will fly a blue flag. There are over 4800 sites across 50 countries. It's an excellent resource for finding a beach that will be beautiful, accessible, and full of activities. Spain has held the top spot for the number of Blue Flag beaches since 1987. Other countries with plenty of Blue Flag beaches are Denmark, Greece, Turkey, France, Portugal, and Italy.

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