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For decades, Days of Our Lives has entertained viewers with its fantastic plot twists, whirlwind romances, and complicated family relationships. The Daytime Emmy-nominated TV show is among the longest-running scripted programs worldwide. Following the lives of two leading families, the Hortons and the Bradys, has been easy for viewers whose familiarity with all things Salem-related has kept them glued to their TVs daily. Despite evolving over the years, the Horton and Brady families remain closer than ever. Are you ready to separate yourself from regular viewers by proving that you’re a soap opera superfan? Let’s enjoy a bit of Days of Our Lives, its history, and its characters, shall we?


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Did you know?

How did Days of Our Lives make soap opera history?

Days of Our Lives is the longest-running soap opera on NBC. Another World held the previous record premiering in 1964. After the cancellation of Another World was in 1999, Days of Our Lives became the longest-running soap opera on the network. It is home to some of the industry firsts like the first real-life twins in a soap opera. And even though it was only a half-hour, the show changed over to hour-long episodes after ten years in 1975. Ted and Betty Corday, a real-life married couple, created the show; the couple behind the popular series never dealt with as much drama in their relationship as the fictional characters did on the show. The soap was the first daytime series to cast a man in a woman’s role; it was a bold decision, in 2005, to cast Dan Wells as “Stan,” Sami’s male alter ego intent on seeking revenge on another character. And never short on romance, the show’s first super-couple took their love life offscreen. Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes, Doug and Julie Williams, respectively, let their real-life romance inspire them to get married in 1974—in secret before their fictional counterparts did on screen.

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