Dive into Your Chronotype: Let's Unlock the Secrets of Your Internal Clock!


Maybe you spent half of high school staring into space, wondering why it was so difficult to pay attention, but suddenly felt yourself come alive around 10 am. Or, maybe you wonder how everyone else seems to be productive after lunch when all you want is to take a break (or maybe a nap). Whatever the case, it's not just you: everyone has a chronotype, or a way that their body processes time and sets its sleeping/waking schedule ("chrono" means "time," and "type" means... well... "type"). There are four basic chronotypes: The Bear, The Wolf, The Lion, and The Dolphin. The four types are named after their respective animal's sleep patterns. There's no right or wrong chronotype; instead, each chronotype has its own strengths that can serve the individual if they know to look for those strengths. This quiz will help you figure out your chronotype and live in sync with your natural sleep, rest, and activity rhythms.

Did you know?

Are chronotypes based on personality?

Amazingly, the chronotypes aren't primarily based on personality or upbringing. Each person's chronotype is genetically predisposed. The PER3 gene sets circadian rhythms, which in turn determine when the body feels tired or awake (that's why jet lag can be so frustrating: your body "feels" like its one time of day, but your senses tell you that it's actually a different time—like when you feel ready for bed after a transcontinental flight only to realize its only noon). Because it's genetic, it can seem as though upbringing has a bigger hand in the chronotypes (early risers often have children who are early risers). However, as any night owl raised by early birds can tell you, the chronotypes come from inside the body rather than outside it. So if you toss and turn in bed until late into the night or seem to rocket out of bed at 6 am sharp, it might not have anything to do with what you ate the night before.

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