Put Your Marvel Movie Knowledge to the Test with this Fun Quiz!


It's pretty safe to say the entire world is obsessed with Marvel movies — the numbers don't lie. When a film about a bunch of unknown superheroes, adapted from a relatively basic comic book like Guardians of the Galaxy, can push over the billion-dollar mark, you know Marvel is onto something good. When the first Iron Man came out, no one really thought it was going to flourish as it did. However, through great filmmaking and Robert Downey Jr.'s charisma, Marvel managed to spin a 10-year web of unparalleled success, creating rabid fans in the process. The real question now is, are you one of those rabid fans? Sure, maybe you've seen all the movies, but have you really watched them? Have you taken note of the little intricacies of the plots and the relationships of the characters? We would bet you can't get every single question right on this MCU quiz. Take the test, get your score, then compare your results with your friends. Avengers fans: assemble!

Did you know?

Can Marvel Actually Own Words?

From the seventies through to the nineties, Marvel was in the height of its popularity, as far as comics were concerned. Understandably, with all that money lying around, they went on a buying spree. However, they didn't simply gobble up small businesses; they bought the trademark rights to words. Among the words they copyrighted were "zombie," "dazzler," and, along with DC, "superhero" in 1979. That's right, technically, Marvel can sue anyone else who uses this word — and they have, including an indie publisher who tried to use the word without a license in 2013.

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