Pisces, Take This Test to Predict Your 2024 Horoscope


Hey there, Pisces, want to get a glimpse of your not-too-distant future? This quiz will let you do just that. As exciting as it is to start a new year fresh, there's never any harm in getting just a little idea of what it might throw your way. 'Forewarned is forearmed', after all! And with the first Jupiter-Uranus conjunction since 2011 set to shake things up both globally and personally, you'll want to be ready for what might be a roller coaster year. Besides, you're a Pisces – all that empathy can be exhausting, so why not take a sneaky peek at the emotional journey 2024 is likely to have in store for you? In just 30 questions, this quiz will help you predict the year, by getting to the heart of your true Pisces nature and personal vibe for 2024. And don't worry, as a Pisces, you're super adaptable, so we know you'll pass any tests the months ahead throw your way, with flying(fish) colors!

History Lesson

Pisces: A Tale of Two Fishes

In the cosmos, the constellation Pisces carries a story as deep and flowing as the waters it represents. This constellation, known for its symbolism of two fishes, has roots stretching back to ancient Babylonian and Greek cultures. The most captivating tale from Greco-Roman mythology tells of Aphrodite (Venus in Roman) and her son Eros (Cupid) transforming into fishes or being saved by two fishes, to escape the fearsome Typhon. This narrative not only highlights the cunning and adaptability of the deities but also immortalizes their escape into the stars.

The constellation, visible in the Northern celestial hemisphere, has an interesting variation in its legend. According to another version preserved by Hyginus, an egg that later hatched Aphrodite was nudged to shore by fishes, leading to their commemoration in the night sky. This highlights a common theme in mythology where animals aiding gods are placed among the stars as a form of eternal gratitude.

Pisces has also been interpreted differently over time. In the 17th century, astronomer Johannes Hevelius described Pisces as having four subdivisions, each representing different parts of the constellation's narrative. These subdivisions, like many aspects of star constellations, reflect the human desire to find meaning and stories in the patterns of the night sky.

The mythology of Pisces, like many constellations, intertwines human storytelling with celestial observation, creating a rich tapestry of lore that endures to this day

Did you know?

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction – a closer look

For all signs, the year looks set to be swept with great bursts of astral energy, heralding times of great change and earth-shaking events. Much of this will come from Jupiter, our solar system's largest and most powerful astral body, which is known to amplify the power of anything it touches. On April 20, Jupiter and Uranus will form a conjunction, meaning the two planets will meet in the same place in the sky, this time at 21º of Taurus. It's the first Jupiter-Uranus conjunction since 2011 – and the first time they've met in Taurus since 1941! Uranus is known as the rebel of the planets, and it's been making waves in Taurus since 2018. Here on Earth, we've experienced these shakeups as serious fluctuations and disruptions in both global finance and our weather patterns and climate. And when this most mischievous of planets meet the great amplifier, Jupiter, astrologers believe we'll see decisive, even monumental, events and actions, such as intensifying climate activism and powerful shifts in the international economy. On the personal level, you're likely to feel the effects in areas such as your interpersonal relationships, and you may even receive strong currents of psychic messaging.

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