Only 18% Know Where All These Countries Are

Countries are always changing. The world map  is constantly being rewritten. We promise since you last took a geography class, there’s been a change. Who even has a globe on a desk anymore? It’s not that the world is flat or round — our understanding is now digital.  For fun, we’ve selected some of the more obscure countries in the world. Think you know where the countries we name are in the world. We’ll give you two to four options to decide between — because we’re generous that way. You can even award yourself a virtual bonus point if you’ve visited these places!

Did you know?

Cartography is the science of making maps to systemize our world.

The Canadian Cartographic Association sees the map-making process as “a unique mixture of science, art, and technology [that] calls for a variety of in-depth knowledge and skills on the part of the cartographer.” After all, the map maker must gather, evaluate and process source data to draw and reproduce the final map. Plus, the cartographer is challenged by the dynamic nature of the discipline. Borders change, waters rise, erosion happens, forests are leveled, and wars are fought for land ownership — there is an endless list of reasons a map might change. At the same time, cartographers are asked to map land use, property ownership, roads, resource management, waterways, borders, using techniques both old and new to gather data and plot the information found.

Cartography today employs geodesy (a science determining shape and size), surveying, photogrammetry (measurements with light), remote sensing, geographic information systems, global positioning systems, math, statistics and even virtual reality to do their job — and you thought this quiz was difficult!

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