No One's Perfect! What's Your Toxic Trait?


If you were asked to name the toxic traits of family members, friends, coworkers, etc., you could probably fill up a sheet of paper (or two!) in no time. However, when it comes to identifying your own toxic tendencies and behaviors, that's a more difficult task. You? Toxic? Yes, even you! Relax....even the most mild-mannered and accomodating people display toxic behavior from time to time. We're all individuals with unique needs, feelings, and expectations, so it's only human nature when those differences rub someone the wrong way now and then, primarily when we work or live in close proximity to other people.

Still, each of us can benefit from a bit of self-awareness and examining how our actions can impact those around us. And remember..... just because someone exhibits occasional abrasive conduct does not mean they are an overall toxic person. Not sure of your toxic trait? Take this quiz to find out!

Did you know?

Too good to be toxic? Not necessarily.....

Toxic behavior most often refers to creating negativity and spreading bad vibes by abrasive actions or an unsavory attitude. But, there's another kind of toxic trait, and believe it or not, it is extreme positivity. Nearly everyone knows that one coworker or family member who is constantly trying to rally rainbows of sunshine and happiness, regardless of the tone of the environment. These people can be toxic because they mask their negative feelings, and they urge everyone around them to do the same.

We are human; we encounter troubles and worry occasionally, and it's only natural to react with negative emotions. Positive toxic people don't recognize or respect others' feelings of frustration, sadness, or anger, even when there's a valid reason for those emotions. They usually think their excessive positivity is encouraging and uplifting when in reality, the people around them often feel ignored and disrespected.

So, how do you handle these overly saturated sweet talkers? Have a polite (but direct) talk with them. Explain to them the negative impact their excessive sunny disposition has on others and how it comes off as fake and uncaring.

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