Name That Must-Have Childhood Toy


Toys have been around about as long as children and tend to adapt with the improvements in technology. As children grow up, they tend to want the "best" toy from the current era for every birthdays and Christmas (not to mention every trip to the department store). In this quiz, you'll see toys you may recognize from when you were a child, but some of them will be from the generations before you! Have fun and try it out. You may know more than you think!

Did you know?

The Troll doll was created when Thomas Dam couldn't afford a Christmas gift for his daughter.

The Troll doll started out as a present from father to a daughter when he couldn't buy her a gift for Christmas. Danish woodcutter and fisherman, Thomas Dam, carved the doll from his imagination. Quickly, all the other children in Gjøl wanted one of their own.

Dam's company, Dam Things, began making the Troll doll in plastic with the name "Good Luck Trolls." In the early 1960s, the dolls grew popular in European countries and soon were introduced to the United States, where they were a fad from 1963 to 1965. In the 80s, Troll dolls made a comeback in North America. E.F.S Marketing Associates, Inc. was one of several corporations to gain permission to import the dolls from Denmark.

In 1994, the Dam copyright was restored by the Uruguay Round Agreements Act. In 2003, the Toy Industry Association placed the dolls on the Century of Toys List. Two years after this, the troll brand was licensed to DIC Entertainment, but they were eventually sued by a Danish company for not representing Troll dolls the right way. There have been many physical and animated iterations since this toy's humble beginning, culminating in the "Trolls" movie, released when DreamWorks Animation acquired the intellectual property for the franchise from the Dam family.

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