How Much Do You Know About the History of St. Patrick’s Day?

Kyle, Heywise Staff
By Kyle, Heywise Staff

Ah, yes. Winter is starting to whimper away and spring is just on the cusp of arrival. Not only does that mean warmer weather is on the horizon, but it also means that we get to celebrate in the middle of March for Saint Patrick’s Day!

For some people that means green beer and obnoxious leprechaun hats, for others it’s a religious occasion, and for others still, it’s a time to celebrate Irish culture. Even people who aren’t Irish get in on the celebrations, with festivals taking place all over the world.

Think you’re pretty clever? Well, we have a challenge for you! We want to see how much you know about the history of Saint Patrick’s Day, as well as the history and culture of Ireland. You’ll be asked tons of questions about St. Patrick, in addition to questions about major Irish historical events and cultural milestones. Give it a shot and let’s see how you do!

Did you know?

Saint Patrick’s Day over the world

One of the major hallmarks of Saint Patrick’s Day festivities is the parade. And parades aren’t just for St. Patty’s Day—they date back thousands of years and have served many different purposes.

For example, in ancient Mesopotamia, rulers used to parade through the streets so that they could demonstrate their leadership and conquests. Many other civilization’s leaders followed suit, and it wasn’t until medieval times that parades became a more joyous occasion. In a time when life was difficult, parades (and the fairs that they accompanied) brought light and levity.

Flash forward to the modern era, and many parades are massive, over-the-top productions. All you have to do is think of the flash and flair of Mardi Gras and Carnaval, and you can see just how far we’ve come. While St. Patrick’s Day boasts some pretty big parades, you’ll also want to remember the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, which features balloons the size of buildings!

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