Monsters, Ghouls, and Ghosts — Are You An Expert?


Throughout history, people have shared stories of the inexplicable and sometimes terrible phenomenon of the paranormal. From ancient tales of creatures that come alive at night to modern cult classic horror films, monsters have frightened and inspired countless people. Mythical creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster have haunted the minds of people who lived in natural settings, just like modern humans have invented monsters like Slender Man and Chucky. You can look to archaeology to see how digging up relics from the past has led people to imagine monsters such as those found in Egypt, from mummies to anamorphic human god-type creatures like siblings Isis, the winged fertility goddess, and Osiris, the bird-headed god of fertility and a bountiful harvest. Other modern monsters have inspired a multitude of movies, plays, and midnight podcast bingeing sessions, including Mary Shelly's Frankenstein and Bram Stoker's Dracula. Whether you're a pop culture monster nerd or obsessed with ancient ideas and creatures, let's find out how your monster knowledge stacks up.

Did you know?

The famed gorgon Medusa was once a human?

When praying to the goddess Athena in her shrine, Medusa, a human, was surprised by the presence of the sea god Poseidon. Athena appeared only to discover Poseidon ravaging Medusa and was outraged at the sacrilegious act committed in her temple. In her anger, Athena transformed the once beautiful Medusa into a gorgon with hair made of hissing snakes. From that point on, Medusa used her powers to her advantage, turning anyone that gazed into her eyes to stone. Seeking revenge on men for having been cast down by Poseidon, she would destroy any mortal entering her arena. She bested many champions but was ultimately defeated by Perseus, who used his metallic shield to reflect that stony gaze back at her. Some tales say that Athena cast her severed head into an iron shield; others speak of it being sold at a marketplace to a collector of obscure artifacts and weapons. It is also said that once destroyed; her body sprang forth the venomous snakes that crawl through the desert.

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