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How much do you like knowing weird and strange bits of random information? Were you always the kid in class who had their hand up first when the teacher asked a question? Did your parents feel disappointed if you only brought home Bs? Do you enjoy learning new things and going to cultural events? Is your idea of a good date a trip to a bookstore and then reading together? Or maybe you're the untouchable master of trivia night at your favorite local pub. If so, come test your general knowledge! This quiz covers a little bit of everything, from math to history to literature and even a bit of science and technology! It's a trivia bonanza! If you're feeling exceptionally daring, have a friend take the quiz too, and then compare scores. And no Googling allowed! Stay good!

Did you know?

The pub quiz was first developed in England?

In 1975, Sharon Burns and Tom Porter formed Burns and Porter, a promotional company for pubs in the UK. Their original goal was to attract business to local pubs on slow nights, and the format was inspired by the popular quiz TV show. They went all out! Not only did they develop and distributed quizzes to local pubs, they even organized a league. The first pub quiz league was comprised of 32 separate teams. Each team had their own 'home' pub and would compete against three other teams on game nights. The quiz nights turned out to become wildly successful. An estimated 22,000 people currently participate in pub nights in the UK. The custom is slowly gaining popularity in the US and other areas, and for much the same reason. These nights tend to be far less organized, though frequently award the winning team small prizes, such as branded merchandise, bottle openers, or drink tickets.

How to Play?

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