Love Ice Hockey? Can you name 50 of the 100 best NHL players?


As of 2017 the NHL's been around for 100 years, and the Stanley Cup has been awarded to the champion of the NHL, and previously the NHA, and PCHA since 1893. That's a lot of history, and we'll state for the record now there's no way a quiz could cover all of the great hockey players. There's too many to count, too many joining the sport, and too many characters who could be easily forgotten if not for the hockey's devoted fanbase.  

Did you know?

Kris Draper's contract was Sold for One Dollar

Kris Draper is a hockey legend who in 1993 went from playing for the Winnipeg Jets to the Detroit Red Wings, but not many know how the deal went down.

Kris Draper eventually retired after playing about 1,500 games and playoffs for the Red Wings. He won four Stanley Cups and one Selke Trophy as the NHL's best defensive forward during his career with them. But before being part of the Red Wings, he was part of the Winnipeg Jets who sold his contract for $1. Sounds insulting, yes, but it all came around eventually.

At the time, he was playing a playoff in San Jose. An interviewer mentioned it, but he didn't know what the man was talking about. So he asked him, the man clarified, and Kris Draper was speechless. So, he went straight to Mike Ilitch who he was sold to and gave him the dollar back. But that was in 1997, four years later. Mike took it in good humor, but he knew the truth. The deal had been the best deal of his life. Going back he would have paid much, much more for the man. Since 1993, Kris alone has made almost $20,000,000. Now that's an investment.

Today, Kris has retired, but he doesn't regret anything. He has no hard feelings toward either team and takes great joy and pride in all of his accomplishments. Now think about that next time you feel like you're only worth $1. You could be worth $20 million.

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