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Military service is a tough job! The people who serve their countries have to learn a whole new vocabulary. Sometimes they make up their own to cope with situations. Whether it's a desk job, flying jets, or launching missiles there's a phrase or word to go with the situation. Are you ready to take on the vernacular of military service as written down, spoken, yelled and carried on through the years? Roger Wilco (Message Received, Will Comply!)


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Did you know?


Did you know that the famous TV-series ‘M*A*S*H’ was based in part on a real medical unit that served during the Korean War? The original movie and the TV-series that came after were based on a work of fiction by Richard Hooker called, “MASH: A Novel About Three Army Doctors.” The book took 11 years to be published, and the lives portrayed in the narrative were based on real-life characters he encountered while serving in the 8055th MASH unit during the war. The acronym stands for ’Mobile Army Surgical Hospital,’ and refers to medical units that were able to carry out incredible medical procedures under canvas tents in the most extreme of wartime situations.

Because of the conditions of the Korean War, surgeons, nurses, support crew, provisioners and all the relevant positions needed to conduct emergency, life-saving procedures in a ‘normal’ hospital, were placed in fairly crude settings that could be easily packed up and moved to a safer location if necessary. It took the advent of the Vietnam War to bring it’s incredible, character-driven story to relevance. The show’s success stemmed from its realistic portrayal of war in general and the manner in which it brought out the best of humanity by expressing the moral, ethical and other dilemmas that go with war. This success was best exemplified by showing the true grit of the characters that endured it, and how they often resorted to humor and sarcasm to help them struggle through it and understand it for themselves.

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