Let’s See if You Know the Real Australia

Kyle, Heywise Staff
By Kyle, Heywise Staff

Australia is a beautiful island, but everyone knows that. You, however, are a little more obsessed with the continent/country than normal. You know a baby kangaroo is a joey. The Great Coral Reef is located in Australia along with cities like Sydney and Melbourne. The outback brought us vegemite, a yummy spread. When it comes to history, you know Australia is still ruled by the British monarchy. Heck, you can even order a toasted cheese on the barbie, mate.

However, if you really want to test your Aussie knowledge then take this quiz! It will test your geography, slang, food, celebrities, and more.

Don’t worry; there are only two options so you cannot mess up too badly. After you give it a try, challenge your friends to see who does better! (You’re smarter than them, right?) Then you all can start packing your bags to visit the land Down Under.

Did you know?

Let's go for a visit!

Australia has some pretty impressive names for cities. For example, Boing Boing is located in Northern Territory and means “mosquitoes buzzing” in the Aboriginal language. The Aboriginal phrase for “out of sight” is Bong Bong, the name of a city in New South Wales.

Grong Grong means “poor camping ground,” and Goonoo Goonoo is actually pronounced gunna g’noo. Both are in New South Wales, Australia.

You can visit Vite Vite in Victoria along with nearby Pura Pura and Nerrin Nerrin in South Western Victoria.

Wagga Wagga is a town in New South Wales. The aboriginal meaning is “the place of many crows.” The area of Woodie Woodie is in Western Australia and is home to Manganese mine.

Other silly cities include Delicate Nobby, Dismal Swamp, Smiggin Holes, and Tom Ugly. You can also visit Come by Chance, Nowhere Else, and The End of the World in Australia. You can’t forget about Eggs and Bacon Bay, either.

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