Let's See if You Know Where These Foods Came From


Whether you claim to be a culinary enthusiast or not, you probably have some ideas about the origins of certain familiar fare. After all, it's obvious that spaghetti is originally from Italy and Hawaiian pizza was introduced on the islands of Hawaii... right? Only that may not be the case. This quiz puts your ideas about where foods originated to the test. Once you take a nibble on these questions, you'll be in for all 30 -- they're that tasty!

Did you know?

Foods origins are never easy to pinpoint

Despite the centrality of these ingredients to local cuisine, Thailand’s chilies and Italy’s tomatoes actually started out in South America. The International Center for Tropical Agriculture in 2016 released a map depicting globalization of the world’s food supply. Their study found more than 2/3 of foods that are the basis of national diets originally came from quite far away. For instance, Argentina and China now grow and consume the sunflowers that started out in the United States. Meanwhile, the US grows soybeans, which originated in East Asia, and corn from Mexico and Central America, and potatoes, which were domesticated in South America. The Indonesians grow palm oil from West Africa. And the most famous domesticated crop from Ethiopia is coffee!

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