Let's Find Out Your Flower Personality!


The old saying goes something like every rose has its thorn, which is great news if you’re a rose and want to protect your petals. When you’re walking past a florist, do you stop to smell the roses? What about the lilacs or bluebonnets? They’re lovely, right? Flowers remind us of spring, and blooms, and the fun possibilities life has to offer. Have you ever wondered which flower you’re most like? Are you a beautiful rose with a thorny stem or a thirsty sunflower? Or maybe you're an intimidating orchid ready to rule the world. Let’s find out your flower personality!

Did you know?

Start a flower garden today!

Not everyone needs a green thumb to grow a stunning garden. If you're hesitant, there are several fool-proof options for you to check out! Many beginner gardeners enjoy growing sunflowers, as their seeds are large, and these beautiful flowers thrive in gardens with lots of sun. Plus, as one of the most beloved and recognizable flowers, sunflowers are sure to bring delight for many years to come. If you're not into sunflowers, then check out marigolds or zinnias. During the summer, marigolds will brighten up your garden. Another major benefit of marigolds is that they come in a variety of sizes. What are you waiting for?

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