Let's Find Out Your 1990s Style!


The 90s. Ah, yes. Think back. Think way back. Maybe you were there; maybe you weren't. This was a time before iPhones and Facebook; before MTV reality shows, and before Kim became the most famous Kardashian; before the anticlimactic Y2K and way before 2012 was supposed to be the apocalypse. The 90s were a simpler time, a happier time. The 90s scaled everything back from the glitz and glam of the 1980s. It brought us back to basics. It brought us back to flannels and solids. But it also brought us back to a world of alligator shoes, Boy Bands, and Lisa Frank. Do you want to return to the 1990s, even if for just a second? Turn on your favorite Nirvana song, get out your NSYNC posters, and come with us on the journey to find your 90s style.

Did you know?

The Year 2000 problem

You may have or have not heard of Y2K. But what happened? The short answer is to save lines of code years were written using two digits instead of four, so 1999 would appear in code as "99." This was likely going to be a serious problem if the year 2000 reset to "00" because in binary language, "00" would be 1900, and no one in 1999 wanted to reset the world to the year 1900.  In 1988, the International Y2K Cooperation Center began talks on solutions for this monumental date. Programmers spent the 90s working on solutions for data and computers to successfully update to the new millennium. Conspiracy theories, paranoia, and rational fear swept the United States and the world. Ultimately, January 1, 2000, came with little to no issues because enough time and energy was devoted to fixing the issue. Could it have been a massive problem? Try living without your cellphone for three days.

How to Play?

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