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Nobody is immune from fear. In fact, being afraid is what’s kept us alive as a species. If our ancestors didn’t run and hide from tornadoes, avalanches, or snarling beasts with razor-sharp teeth, we wouldn’t be here today. That said, sometimes our self-preservation instinct is so powerful that a specific situation or thing that isn’t particularly life-threatening might trigger a disproportionate fight-or-flight response. When we feel compelled to avoid something at all costs despite reassurance that it poses no danger, that’s when fear becomes a phobia. It’s perfectly normal to be startled by a spider in your bedroom, for example. But someone with arachnophobia will react to that spider-in-residence as if it were a threat to their entire existence. Ever hear the story of the man who set his whole house on fire because he was trying to blowtorch some spiders? That’s an extreme example, but it perfectly illustrates how phobias differ from rational fears. Wondering if you have a phobia of your own? You're about to find out what it is!

Did you know?

Facing your phobia may be the best way to beat it

Debilitating fears might feel all-powerful, but that doesn’t mean you’re incapable of overpowering them. Remember, your phobia is literally all in your head. Your fight-or-flight response is triggered when your brain sends out a disproportionate danger signal in reaction to the thing or situation that scares you. That means you avoid it at all costs and never allow your brain to reassess the threat. That's why the best way to overcome your phobia is to recalibrate your brain’s response by exposing yourself to it — gradually, of course. You can either face your phobia directly or with mental imagery, videos, or virtual reality. Set a time limit, and make sure you stop just before you feel too anxious. Bit by bit, you’re training your mind to respond to your phobia with less fear. This takes a little bravery and a lot of patience, but it will free you from the fears that cripple you.

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