Uncover Your Basketball Personality: Which NBA Player Are You?


Who wouldn't want to be a world champion basketball player? Fame, fortune, traveling the world — if you loved basketball growing up, of course, you had dreams of playing in the NBA. Did you want to be like Mike growing up? Were you cool and calm like Magic? Perhaps you had a bad-boy edge growing up because Dennis Rodman was your hero. What about modern NBA players? Who do you think you're most like? Dunk on a few questions, and we'll let you know.

Did you know?

Did You Know?

NBA stars love the limelight on and off the court. The tv and movie cameras seem to be a natural attractant for them. LeBron James has starred in ads for Sprite, as well as for Nike, Beats By Dre, McDonald's, and State Farm.  He has also hosted the comedy skit show, Saturday Night Live. In contrast, while Kobe Bryant did star in some small roles and several documentaries about himself and his Mamba philosophy, a lot of his work in the entertainment industry occurred off-screen. Bryant's talent as a creator, writer, and producer shone through on ESPN's Detail show and other projects. Stephen Curry is also one that has tended to focus more on behind the scenes work. Curry created his own production company, Unanimous Media, and in 2018 signed a deal with Sony Pictures to produce family-friendly and faith-based content for games, virtual reality and electronics. James Harden is still finding his feet, having only being the interview subject so far on tv shows, including Jimmy Kimmel Live and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kemba Walker are on the same wavelength as Harden, preferring to stick to being purely interview subjects on-camera.

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