Let's Find Out Which 'Little Miss' You Are IRL


You've seen the memes, and now it's your turn. If you were one of the lovably unique and slightly dysfunctional Little Miss characters, which one would you be? Everyone on the planet has a few quirks here and there, and you should celebrate them. Will your Little Miss name be something you've always known, or will the results take you by surprise? Either way, you're sure to get a laugh, and you'll want to share your new moniker with your friends. If you're ready to find out, we're ready to get started. Let's get going, Little Miss Impatient!

Did you know?

Little Miss has a big legacy

The Little Miss memes might be a relatively new trend, but she has a history that goes back a lot further than the internet. Back in 1978, author Roger Hargreaves asked his young son Adam to describe a tickle. After hearing his son's description, he began penning a series of Mr. Man and Little Miss books that were an enormous hit in the United Kingdom. Until his passing in 1988, he published 46 Mr. Men books and 33 Little Miss books. With lovable names like "Mr. Cool" and "Little Miss Sunshine," they were consistent additions to any new parents' library. They weren't loved for just their bright illustrations and adorable names, though. Each book told a powerful moral story about self-acceptance and kindness to others. Not being one to want his father's message to stop, Adam Hargreaves took over the family business. He is still writing and releasing Mr. Men and Little Miss books to this day.

How to Play?

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