Let's Find Out Which Akira Character You Are!


Over 30 years later, Akira remains a cult classic with a devoted fan base. You still find people cosplaying as Tetsuo or Kei at conventions around the world. It was the movie that introduced the world outside of Japan to this incredible genre and transformed anime into a global phenomenon. The film takes place in present-day 1988 and in the distant future, a.k.a the year 2019. In the fictional future, Tokyo is preparing a new Olympic stadium in preparation for hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics. Eerily enough, not only did Japan end up actually being named the host of the 2020 Summer Olympics but calls for it to be postponed began 147 days before the Olympics were set to take place! It should be no surprise that a movie about psychics would have predicted the future so well. Take this quiz to learn who your Akira alter ego is!

Did you know?

The international phenomenon that almost wasn’t

Before Akira, distributors tried and failed to bring anime to an international audience. In 1963, for example, NBC attempted to make anime available to an American audience in the form of a series called Astro Boy. In order to Americanize it, NBC changed character names and re-edited episodes to remove scenes they didn’t think would do well in the states. The result was initial interest followed by a steep decline in popularity, so that they eventually dropped the show after episode 104, leaving 89 episodes undubbed. When Akira was released in 1988, nobody thought it would have any success outside Japan. In fact, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, both fans of anime themselves, turned down offers to bring it to the US, calling it unmarketable. It might have never reached our theaters if it weren’t for a struggling distribution company called Streamline Pictures that believed in Akira’s potential. The English-dubbed but otherwise unaltered version was an instant success across the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. It was the film that proved definitively that anime could be successful without Americanization. It’s cult status today, and the flood of popular anime that followed in its wake are a testament to that fact!

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