Let's Find Out if You're a Chef!


Do you know what a julienne cut is? Are you a master of Michelin stars? Is it a habit of yours to say “hot behind” on a regular basis? Maybe you went to culinary school, maybe your momma was the best cook in the county, or maybe your favorite celebrity is Alton Brown! For one reason or another, you’re sitting here, ready to take a quiz and test your culinary knowledge. Hopefully, you know as much as you think you do! Or else, you as a chef will be letting down every teacher or executive chef you’ve ever worked with! There are thousands of terms that any chef will name off the top of their head, and hundreds you’ll learn just from watching the Food Network. After all, granny’s cookbook doesn’t always prioritize technically, politically, or any other kind of correct. As long as it works, we’re good.

But in culinary school, you pride yourself in knowing every type of cut and how to braise pork. It’s your career and your life. You don’t simply just say “good enough.” If you do something different than your superiors, it’s because you are improvising and creating your own masterpiece. If this sounds like you, then I’d say you’re ready for this quiz. Now, remember, practice makes perfect. All you gotta do is keep on cooking and remember what you learn from this quiz. Failures are nothing but a way to become better. Those who haven’t failed can never be as good as those who’ve learned from their mistakes. Unless you have crème brûlée a’cookin’ then let’s get on with the quiz that will determine your level of “Chefiness.”

Did you know?

A Famous Tire Company Is The One To Award Restaurants Acclaimed Stars

If you’ve ever had anything to do with the restaurant business, you know of the coveted Michelin stars. But did you ever realize that those stars have the same name as the French tire company Michelin? That’s because the Michelin Guide (the little red book) is written by the owners of the company. The book is published every year and is known as the oldest European hotel and restaurant reference guide. It gives privately owned restaurants Michelin stars for excellence to a select few establishments. Getting a star, gives you an incredible amount of business as they are saying, “this restaurant is the best of the best.”

However, if they take a star away, they are taking away your customers, and your good reputation. There are three levels in the guide. Getting one Michelin star means you have, "A very good restaurant in its category.” Two Michelin stars mean you have, "Excellent cooking, worth a detour.” And finally, three Michelin stars mean you have, "Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey."

To get an idea of how coveted these stars are, in the country with the most Michelin restaurants, there are only 27 that have been awarded 3 Michelin stars in 2017. That’s ridiculous considering that’s the most any country has as of 2017.

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