Let's Find Out How Much You Know About the Baby Boomer Generation


The Baby Boomer demographic represents those that were born near the end of World War II and the beginning of the 1960s. The post-war times were prosperous times, and the government was fairly generous with housing and education. Wages were good, buying power was high, and spirits were up. Boomers spent freely on food, apparel, cars, furnishings, electronics, toys and a little bit of everything. And they were deemed excessive consumers by some standards. The phenomenon of pop culture became a thing. And there was an increase in individual freedom and a tendency to reject social norms. Equal rights for women and African-Americans played a massive role in this generation as well.

The impact of the Vietnam War was probably the most challenging ordeal they had to face ranking right up there with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Take this quiz and let's see how well you know about the Baby Boomer generation!

Did you know?

Meet the Joneses

Did you know that a portion of the Baby Boomer generation was singled out and deemed, “Generation Jones?” These ‘Jonesers’ were the kids born from around 1954 to 1965 and the ones who became teens in the 70s. The Jonesers didn’t have the shared unity of their slightly older predecessors who shared Woodstock, and Martin Luther King’s amazing speeches and the horrible loss of President Kennedy. Times were starting to become tougher economically as the post-war economy, general optimism and prosperity began to slip away. The struggle for this younger sub-generation was referred to by some as, “keeping up with the Joneses,” and the term, “Jonesing,” became a representation of a longing for things or a craving for something that seemed out of reach.

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