Swim with the Sharks: Uncover Your True Shark Personality!


Few animals are as fascinating as sharks. They're one of the oldest creatures on the planet, with evolutionary roots that began hundreds of millions of years ago. Plus, there are hundreds of species, and each one boasts a variety of unique characteristics. Some are terrifying creatures that dominate the sea and devour everything in sight, while others are basically sea kittens. They can be extremely social and swim in schools with hundreds of other sharks, or they can be introverted loners who avoid all contact. Whatever your nature is, there's a shark species that is remarkably similar to you. Answer these questions and find out exactly which one you are!

Did you know?

Sharks have more than five senses

You know how humans were traditionally thought to have five senses, and then we realized that we actually have many more? Biologists made the same discovery with sharks! Sharks share many of the same senses as humans, like touch, taste, and smell. However, they also possess senses that we do not. For example, the lateral line allows a shark to detect movements and vibrations from the surrounding water. Sharks also have ampullae of Lorenzini, which possess sensory receptors for touch, pressure, temperature, salinity, and both electric and magnetic fields. Researchers still aren’t sure of the full purpose of the shark’s pit organ, so sharks may still have more senses to discover.

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