Do You Know the Most Important Dates in Human History?

Human history is a vast study, but many events and dates stand out. These events are important to remember because they had a strong impact on the development of civilization and, perhaps, even changed the course of history. Many of us learned about them in school — some of us might even recall these important dates in human history. Do you remember when the Mayflower Compact was signed? How about the Magna Carta? Do you know why these incidents are so worthy of remembrance?

Take our quiz to discover how much you know about important events and dates in human history. At the end of our quiz, you’ll see where you stand as a student of history. Are you professorial in your knowledge or do you need to take a refresher course to brush up on your facts?

Did you know?

Do You Know When Human History Began?

According to archaeologists, human history began with the appearance of modern humans—or homo sapiens—in Africa. Through fossil evidence, they date this appearance to 200,000 B.C. Over time, these humans learned to create and use bows and arrows and other types of weaponry. They invented pottery and formed tribes with lifestyles based on hunting and gathering. They also moved around. According to historians, humans crossed the Bering Sea by 25,000 B.C.  and at the tip of the South American continent by 10,000 B.C. Our quiz begins with the development of the first civilizations in Mesopotamia. Put on your thinking caps and begin.

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