Jack, King, or Queen: Which Face Card Are You?


Have you ever shuffled a deck of cards and felt the thrill of possibility in your hands? Most of us know that a standard deck contains four suits, but the world of playing cards is much richer and more diverse than you might imagine. In the West, we're familiar with the French suits – spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds. However, did you know that suits transform into roses, bells, acorns, and shields in Switzerland? This fascinating diversity traces back to playing cards' origins in China during the Tang dynasty. Imagine how different those 9th-century cards were from the sleek, glossy decks we play with today.

Over centuries, each card and suit has been steeped in symbolism. For instance, the four suits are said to represent the 13 weeks of each season, while the 12 face cards mirror the 12 months of the year. These royal cards aren't just a part of the game; they're imbued with power and meaning.

But here's a thought – if you were a face card, which one would you be? Are you the wise King, the nurturing Queen, or the daring Jack? It's time to find out! Dive into our quiz and discover which card best represents your personality. You'll learn more about yourself and better appreciate the rich history and symbolism hidden in a simple deck of cards. Ready to reveal your card? Let the journey begin!

History lesson

Yezi Ge: The First Card Game Ever?

Have you ever wondered about the first card game ever played? Many think it was a Chinese game called 'Yezi Ge,' which means 'game of leaves.' This game might have started around the 800s. But here's the twist: we're not even sure if Yezi Ge was really a card game! Some think the 'leaves' in the game's name were pages from a rule book, not cards. And, like many other games in China back then, Yezi Ge probably used dice instead of cards. The idea of Yezi Ge being a card game only came up much later, around the 15th century, when card games became popular worldwide.

The first clear sign of playing cards in history comes from a police report in China in 1294. In Shandong, two gamblers were caught, and their cards were taken away. This shows that playing cards were definitely around in China at that time. But it's tricky to say for sure what the first playing cards looked like. For example, there are some old pieces of parchment from the 13th century that look like they could be playing cards. But we can't be certain – they might just be scraps that look similar to cards.

The story of Yezi Ge and the early days of playing cards is really interesting. It shows how creative people have always been and how much we all love playing games. The mystery of Yezi Ge and how playing cards started is still unsolved. But one thing is clear: the idea of playing cards has been around for a long time, and it has brought people together from all over the world. Whether Yezi Ge was the first card game or not, it's a cool part of card game history that gets everyone curious and excited.

Did you know?

How Has the Ace of Spades Been Used in the Theatre of War?

In general, there's no card more valuable than the ace of spades, and the card has acquired a military reputation. In World War 1, the British Army used the ace of spades symbol as their insignia or emblem. In WW2, the Indian Army proceeded to do the same with a green background, and some American soldiers painted it on their helmets for good luck. At some point, all four suits were used to identify different airborne regiments. In Vietnam, the ace of spades was supplied in bulk to U.S. troops to boost morale. The American soldiers would attach the card to their helmets and use it to play mind games with the Vietnamese. They would place the card on fallen Vietnamese and scatter them in villages to assert their presence. Then, during the Iraq War, Saddam Hussein was printed on the Ace of Spades card because he was America's top target.

How to Play?

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