Howdy! Think You Know Your Texas Culture?


If there were a full-fledged riot going on in the streets of Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio or one of the other large cities we often forget but call Texas home, you could put a quick end to it quite quickly by turning on Deep in the Heart of Texas. No matter what type of violence and mayhem is taking place, both rioters and law enforcement will stop what they are doing when it comes time to clap three times as any real Texan does when the song is heard.

Texas is not just big but truly unique. From the state’s near mythic origins, to its cosmopolitan cities that have an influence on art, movies, and sports further out to sprawling ranches and state parks that sprawl throughout the Lone Star State, the more time you spend in Texas the easier it is to understand why Texans love it so much. There’s simply no place on Earth quite like it.

While you might feel obliged to say, “bless your heart” to these notions, we’ve written this quiz to test your knowledge of the largest state in the lower 48.

Texas does everything big, has an identity and a language all it’s own. Its food, people, celebrities, and oddities should truly test you as you work through this quiz.


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