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What city does Home Alone take place in?

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Zach, Heywise Staff

Quiz WriterZach, Heywise Staff

<p>Zach has been riding the gondola of trivia wherever the waters take him. Although he’s not a named consultant on any major quiz TV shows, Zach has watched them all since infancy and will happily take up any challenge whether it be pub quizzes or high-stakes matches he isn’t afraid to show up. And showing up is 90% of the work!</p>

Did you know?

The history behind Home Alone

Although Home Alone is now one of the most popular Christmas movies in America, nobody had any idea how popular it would become when it was released in 1990.  Writer John Hughes is said to have written the script in just ten days after wondering what would happen if he left his 10-year-old son behind when the family went on vacation.  Director Chris Columbus was originally reluctant to cast Macaulay Culkin in the starring role but changed his mind after meeting the child actor in person.  The production budget for Home Alone was $18 million.  After the movie was released in late 1990, it grossed $285.8 million in the United States and Canada.  Worldwide the film made $476.7 million and held the record for the highest-grossing live-action comedy ever until it was dethroned in 2011 by  The Hangover Part II.  The film spawned two movie sequels and one TV movie, but only Home Alone 2 featured most of the original cast in their roles.

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