How Well Do You Know Southern Slang? Take Our Quiz and Find Out!


We’ve all heard someone use southern slang. Heavens to Betsy, maybe you use it yourself! But do you really know what you’re saying? Slang stems from deeper meanings that can be quite different from the phrases we say today. Are you confident you know what you mean when you say you’re happy as a dead pig in the sunshine? Maybe you were raised with these sayings, but did anyone ever explain what they meant?

Test your knowledge of southern slang and see how much you really know. Have you got the gumption? Or, goodness gracious, maybe you’ve been slinging southern phrases in all the wrong ways.

Did you know?

Dialects Within the Country

Many people in the United States speak English, but what kind of English? We all can identify that iconic Southern way of speaking. In fact, people who are not from the United States imitate us with either a cowboy impersonation or a lazy Southern drawl. There are 24 unique dialects throughout this country, and the Southern dialect of this quiz is only one of them. Others include Upper Midwestern (Dontcha know), and Boston Urban (Pahk tha cah = "park the car").

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