How Well Do You Know Your Kidneys?


The human body is a complex system—it’s a wonder sometimes how everything works in such harmony (most of the time, at least). There are so many critical parts to the human body, such as the heart or brain, but one of the most essential organs in the body is the kidney. Do you love your kidneys?

Kidneys serve many purposes, and without a healthy one, you could die within days. A properly functioning kidney works in conjunction with other systems in the body, including the circulatory system.

Do you consider yourself someone who has a lot of medical knowledge? Maybe you’re good at biology. Wherever you think you stand, we have a challenge for you.

We’ve put together a quiz to test your knowledge of the kidneys and their role in the body. You’ll be tested on both anatomy and physiology, with a few other related questions thrown in for good measure. There are 50 questions. Let’s see how you do!

Did you know?

History of Kidney Transplants

In a paper published in 1907, a medical researcher by the name of Simon Flexner hypothesized that organs from the recently deceased could substitute unhealthy organs in humans.

It was several decades later, in 1933, in which a Soviet surgeon named Yuriy Voroniy attempted the first human kidney transplant. The transplant involved using a kidney removed six hours before and surgically placing it in the thigh. Unfortunately, the patient did not survive. Two days after the procedure, the patient ultimately rejected the graft, as the blood was incompatible.

The first successful transplant from one living human to another took place in Boston in 1954. The procedure was between identical twins, which eliminated the risk of incompatibility. The doctor, Joseph Murray, earned the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1990 for his contributions to science.

Since then, many advances have been made to help kidney transplant patients live longer and avoid unwanted immune system reactions.

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