How Well Do You Know Your Food Mascots?


We all need to eat. And marketers work very hard to make sure we want to eat their specific brand of food or drink. Thanks to their savvy marketing, most of us can instantly recognize the likes of Mr. Peanut or Toucan Sam, without even trying. This quiz tests how well you know your food mascots — from cereals to crackers and fast food to fruits. You’ll get an image and a clue... If they're effective mascots, you may even develop a craving for some snack foods along the way!

Did you know?

Ever hear of Leo Burnett?

Advertising's Leo Burnett is sometimes called the Master of Mascots. Why? He was the creative mind behind several of the characters in this quiz.

Born in Michigan, Burnett later moved to Chicago where he in 1935 formed the Leo Burnett Company, Inc. Today; he is credited with pushing advertising away from long product descriptions to concise points and iconic character in the 1960s.

Along with familiar food mascots still in use today, Burnett was responsible for creating the Marlboro Man and the Maytag Repairman, as well as familiar ad campaigns such as United’s Fly the Friendly SKie sand Allstate’s Good Hands. Time Magazine in 1999 listed this ad exec as one of the 20th century’s most influential 100 people. Burnett, who lived to the age of 79, worked at the agency named after him.

His company thrives still today, a part of the Publicis Group, with 85 offices in 69 countries. Ironically, one of the agency’s lasting symbols is a food — apples — from when Leo put a bowl of apples in reception when he opened his agency during the Depression.

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