How Well Do You Know Your Chocolate?


Billions of people eat chocolate, yet not many know the origins of this delicious treat. Many people love it but are not quite sure what it is, where it comes from or when it became a thing. The making and consumption of chocolate has carried countries through centuries. It has been everything from a dessert to a tool of commerce. Even today, it is still one of the most consumed goods in the world by almost every nation. Most of the countries that produce chocolate do not have any chocolate farms. And most of the countries that farm cocoa beans do not produce chocolate. It is imported and exported all over the world. There are so many variations of chocolate that there are professional chocolate testers that make sure their companies are producing the highest quality products. Test your knowledge to see where you rank among the many chocolate lovers in the world.

Did you know?

Why is chocolate so delicious?

Cocoa beans do not taste edible until they go through the fermentation process. That is when the chocolate flavor is brought out. This process releases the enzymes in the beans that create the deep chocolate flavor that we all love. There are also different types of chocolate, based on the regions where the beans are grown. Professional chocolate tasters can narrow down the country and region where a cocoa bean was grown based on the taste. Each country handpicks the cocoa pods to prevent damage to the trees and the beans.  The processes that the cocoa beans go through after harvesting determine the variations in the flavor of the chocolate. Some of the more experienced chocolate tasters can make $100k per year, depending on their role and the company they work for. It is critical for chocolates being produced to meet the companies quality standards to please their customers.

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