How Well do You Know Your Car's Engine?


Everybody has something about them that’s special, and so does every car engine. Some of us are big and strong, while others are frankly a little underpowered. And some of us just can’t get going on a cold morning. Car engines are a lot like people in many ways too. They need fuel, they do better with regular maintenance. And after enough miles get put on them, they really start to show their age.

Engines can be reliable or finicky, and they can run hot or cold, but every one of them is unique and most of us would be lost without our favorite.You can tell a lot about a person by how well they know what's under their own hood. Some of us are practically expert mechanics, while others can stand baffled in the garage when the wiper fluid springs a leak.Whichever one you think applies to you, take this fun quiz and get a definitive answer!


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Did you know?

Why are car engines so complicated?

Car engines are as complicated as they are because they have to do several jobs at once. First, they have to have a big, solid block to contain the fuel-air explosions inside the cylinders. Second, they need a hefty shaft to turn under the pistons. Then they need a complicated series of gears to turn that spinning motion into turning wheels. Most of the rest of what’s under the hood is for cooling the engine since at freeway speeds the typical car motor can run up to 200 degrees. There are also various bits for turning some rotary power into electricity for the radio, air conditioner and whatnot, as well as a battery that gives the crank its first few turns to get started.

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