How Well Do You Know These Top TikTok Songs?


Unless you live under a rock, TikTok is the place to be. Whether you enjoy watching funny short videos, starting new trends, or posting the newest video trends TikTok provides the platform to do so and much much more. Adults and kids of all ages are posting content on TikTok that is off the wall and incredibly viral. While pretty much anything goes, there are certain songs that seem to match the format perfectly. Some of these songs like “Yummy” by Justin Beiber are hits in their own rights, while other songs like “Prom Queen” by Beach Bunny blew up because of TikTok. Anyone who is anything is on TikTok these days, so it pays to pay attention to what is hot. How hot are you? Are you a TikTok fan, or are you a TikTok influencer? Find out by taking this quiz and seeing how many of these songs you can name.

Did you know?

TikTok is banned in several countries

Former President Donald Trump is not the only politician to take aim at TikTok. While most people see the video-sharing app as a fun way to waste a few hours of their time, politicians left and right take issue with its roots in China. TikTok actually is an offshoot of Douyin, a Chinese video-sharing platform. In order to expand to the international market the name was changed and launched in other markets outside of China. Interestingly enough, both networks have the same layout but have no access to each other’s platforms. TikTok ironically became even more popular in August of 2020 when then President Donald Trump started threatening publicly to ban the company. Despite signing several executive orders TikTok continues to function in America and give us great music as a result. Due to border issues, India banned the app along with many other Chinese apps. Pakistan has also banned TikTok, but ten days later decided that they couldn’t live without the fun social media app. Neither could we!

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