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Dive Into the Upside Down: How Familiar Are You with Stranger Things?

Kyle, Heywise Staff
By Kyle, Heywise Staff

Stranger Things is a thrilling Netflix original, created by the Duffer Brothers, that was released July 15, 2016. It's about a boy that goes missing. His mom as well as his friends try to look for him. As they draw near to finding him, everyone is in for a shock of the events that occur. You learn about the characters and new ones that appear, there's so many plot twist that leave you on the edge of your seat! Many have seen it, including you, but did you pay close attention? Quick, without looking who composed the soundtrack?

Did you know?

Finding and Training Kids For ‘Stranger Things' Was Not Easy

First of all, it took months to find the right actors, but that wasn't because the producers weren't trying. They ended up auditioning 906 boys and 307 girls for the roles of the main characters. Their auditions consisted of reading scenes from Stand By Me. Then, after they were chosen, they were asked to get a chat group together before shooting so they could get to know each other and form natural bonds for the show.

Their homework also consisted of watching a very specific set of movies including Stand By Me, ET, The Goonies, and Poltergeist. Millie, who plays Eleven, was even told to model her character after ET and Mad Max. One of the reasons they did this was because she was hesitant about shaving her head, so they showed her how cool Charlize Theron looked in Mad Max.

The producers let the kids express themselves, be natural, and this was thus the reason it took them so long to find the right kids. They wanted natural, not experienced. They wanted real kids, not actors. They wanted kids that would ask to wear camo bandanas (like Caleb Mclaughlin, the actor who plays Lucas) and improvise like Millie did when she twitched to kill which was totally her idea. Even Holly had her own improv moments.

Most of all, they wanted innocent kids who would be afraid of the monsters in real life. Kids they would have to tell, "The monsters are nice, like in Monsters Inc."

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