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Remaining Lifelines

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While most looked to Germany's invasion of Poland as the start of World War II in 1939, Japan had already been at war with China since what year?

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Peg, Heywise Staff

Quiz WriterPeg, Heywise Staff

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Did you know?

Over half of the deaths of World War II were not soldiers, but civilians.

That's right. Over 50% of the deaths that World War II caused were women, children, elderly, and those that did not fight in the war. Russia itself had over 20 million deaths. In fact, 80% of Soviets born in 1923 (making them 16 when the war started) did not survive the war. These young men often fought or protected their family.

One young man was just 12 years old who fought as he lied about his age to join the service. He was severely injured but made it through, earning a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart before anyone realized how old he was. But the biggest cause of death was the Holocaust. Even after it was over, and liberation rained down, thousands and thousands died as they were beyond saving. In total, the Nazis alone murdered over 12 million people, half of them Jews. The reasons the Jews died is not something you want to hear. It was more than just gas tanks and hard labor. Experiments were a large cause of death in concentration camps as well. Doctors enjoyed using them as test subjects in ways that are outlawed today for even rats.

In total, about 60 million people died in World War II. The war was so gruesome and traumatic that in America, the word hamburger was banned because it sounded German and everyone called them Liberty Steaks instead. Who knew that once upon a time, Liberty Steaks were a menu item?

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